Weekly Coaching Sessions
18:30-19:30 at Longfield Academy
Ages 7-16 yrs
£3.00 per week

Go-Ride integrates club development, coaching activities, youth participation and talent identification programmes for young people into one single programme, which supports the creation of a network of school and community based cycling clubs that are trained, resourced and skilled to meet the challenge of integrating young people into a recognized club structure. Go-Ride facilitates the delivery of school and community based cycling opportunities for young people and the development of local partnerships with a shared vision of more young people, more active, more often in cycling. The success of Go-Ride is dependent upon a partnership between British Cycling, clubs, schools, local authorities, voluntary organizations and commercial operators.

Who is it for?

Go-Ride coaching activities have been designed to introduce young people to a range of cycling disciplines such as mountain biking, BMX and Track Riding. So whatever your age or ability you will have a great time. All of the activities can be adapted to make them easier or harder, so whether you are a beginner or an expert, Go-Ride promises to be fun, exciting and challenging for everyone involved.  Go-Ride includes a programme of fun coaching activities delivered in a safe environment. Go-Ride Gears 1 and 2 teach generic bike handling skills to 6-12 year old children using a variety of fun games and activities, delivered at a traffic free facility. Gears 1 and 2 culminate in a skills test. Go-Ride Gears 3 and 4 focus on 12-18 year old riders participating in multi-disciplinary cycling skills sessions through to discipline specific coaching delivered at discipline specific facilities.


 As a parent, you want to make sure that your child is safe when they undertake any type of activity without your supervision.

British Cycling’s Go-Ride Club Accreditation has been designed to incorporate Sport England’s Club mark standard, which supports the development and recognition of quality junior clubs. British Cycling has aligned the Go-Ride programme to Club mark and over 100 Go-Ride registered cycling clubs are in the process of working towards this accreditation with the help of British Cycling.

The Go-Ride cycling activities are also delivered, usually through the club network, in primary and secondary schools throughout the UK, giving children within schools a link to a local club where they can develop their skills further.


Quality coaching in traffic free, controlled environments

A programme of safe, structured coaching activities will teach your child the fundamental skills they need in order to ride their bike in a responsible and controlled manner. Furthermore, all Go-Ride coaching activities are delivered in a traffic free environment. Any type of bike can be used, so long as it is in good condition, and a cycling helmet must be worn.

What will my child gain from this?

The Go-Ride programme of cycling activities promotes good health and includes fun activities that are easy to learn. As obesity levels in young people rise, cycling can be seen as a very enjoyable way of getting exercise and countering sedentary lifestyles. Cycling can be easily incorporated into daily life.

As your child gains confidence, he or she can take on a variety of challenges, games and competitions and all of the activities can be adapted to meet varying needs within the group.

Will my child be safe?

All Go-Ride clubs have a commitment to ongoing training for their volunteers, coaches and officials, to have a sound structure, to be fair and equitable and

to undertake training to support British Cycling’s Policies and Guidelines for child protection and best practice.

The programme of Go-Ride coaching activities can only be delivered through British Cycling qualified coaches who have signed up to a coaching code of conduct. Parents therefore have peace of mind that children are receiving their training from qualified instructors.

Club officials also have an ongoing commitment to training, to have a structure within their club, and to be fair and equitable. Each Go-Ride club is required to have a Club Welfare Officer who must undertake NSPCC endorsed child protection training. The Club Welfare Officer will promote and support the implementation of British Cycling’s policy on good practice and child protection.

What qualifications will British Cycling coaches have?

All coaches in Go-Ride clubs must be British Cycling qualified coaches. All British Cycling coaching awards include sports coach UK’s Good Practice and Child Protection workshop and British Cycling’s Including Everyone: Cycling Equity home study module, which help to ensure that Go-Ride clubs are safe and welcoming environments for young people of all backgrounds. Coaches are also encouraged to broaden their knowledge to suit their particular requirements, for example attending the sports coach UK Working With Disabled Sportspeople workshop. British Cycling has a Coach Licensing Scheme that requires all qualified coaches to retain annual membership and hold a valid First Aid certificate.