The races the club promotes for its members are called Time Trials. They are listed in the club program. Riders start at minute intervals and ride around a set course as quickly as they can within the Highway Code. Marshalls to point the way are on most corners. If you catch the rider in front or you are caught by a rider from behind, you must not use the rider as a wind break, but must leave a reasonable gap when passed, the rules state this must be 50 yards or meters, so do not “hop on his wheel”. At the finish the fastest timed 15 riders are awarded points in accordance with club rules. You are awarded a handicap allowance in accordance with your previous times. These allowances are deducted from each rider’s time and handicap points are awarded on the same basis as the speed points.  The Veteran Time Trials Association has standard timed for all distances based on riders age for all persons of 40 and older. These standard times are used to decide who has won some of the veteran competitions.