OneLife iD Concept – Why use a OneLife iD

OneLife iD provides vital information in the event of an emergency. OneLife iD offer a range of personalised ID wristbands, cards and tags that are suitable for athletes and families. Our customers use OneLife iD as Medical ID, In Case of Emergency ID, Sports ID and much more. OneLife iD is different to many other similar products because it includes the online ID profile which can store extra information and documents and be updated whenever your details change. Find our more here.

Emergency, Medical & Sports ID

In an emergency, carrying a personal ID ensures immediate identification, quick communication with your next-of-kin and peace of mind.

OneLife iD provides personal ID wristbands, dog tags and cards that carry your choice of printed or engraved emergency, medical or contact information. Included is an innovative online profile that can hold additional details and documents. With a product range that includes ID Wristbands, Dog Tags, Key Rings, Stickers and ID Cards there is an ID to suit everyone’s need.

Explore our range, select the product for you and personalise with your emergency, medical or contact information.

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